Goals & Objectives

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Objective 1 Create/support opportunities to engage in scholarship, collaboration, discovery, and innovation

Objective 2 Create a mechanism for rewarding and recognizing scholarship, collaboration, and innovation

Objective 3 Create and enhance evidence-based practices through strategic assessment initiatives

Objective 1 Promote student success by creating meaningful co-curricular, employment, leadership, internship, and assistantship opportunities

Objective 2 Develop student learning outcomes for programs or services and assess them

Objective 3 Promote and create opportunities for students to learn about and engage in meaningful dialogue with individuals from other cultures

Objective 1 Create an environment that encourages, supports, and engages staff in professional development at the individual, departmental, regional, and national levels

Objective 2 Create an atmosphere of inquiry, love of learning, and continuous improvement through a process of ongoing assessment

Objective 3 Articulate the story of the impact that ODOS has on the Illinois community through cohesive, meaningful, and inspirational messages that can be shared through various media

Objective 4 Impart to students a consistent message around the concept of ethical engagement

Objective 1 Explore additional revenues, especially in robust advancement and fundraising efforts to meet ODOS goals

Objective 2 Enhance sustainability efforts of our units and engage in the responsible and strategic management of resources

Objective 3 Increase transparency and accountability of resources