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We are open for virtual appointments.

New Temporary Policy on Eligibility: As of Fall 2020, due to many students having most or all classes online and not being assessed the Service Fee,

  1. All students enrolled in at least six (6) credit hours of classes will be considered eligible to have a consultation appointment with a Student Legal Service (SLS) attorney on their legal issue.
  2. However, only students who have paid the Service Fee are eligible for representation by SLS attorneys in Traffic or Misdemeanor court, or otherwise.

A portion of the Service Fee funds the SLS Program.

Please Note: Certification is again available and MUST be done in-person. Notarizations may be done virtually through Zoom.

Intake Process

After submitting the intake form you should get a prompt to schedule an appointment. Please use this application to schedule an appointment. If you do not receive this prompt or are told to call or go to the SLS office, please call (217) 333-9053.

The SLS Office in the Illini Union is closed until further notice, but the attorneys are using phone or zoom to do appointments. If you desire a zoom appointment, please make sure your video/camera is on.

For current clients: Please log into the SLS appointment portal. When you enter your netID and password, you should see a list of recent intake forms and appointments. You can select the intake you want to follow-up on and create a follow-up appointment. Do not complete a new intake form for a follow-up appointment. If you cannot schedule a follow-up online, call Student Legal Services at (217) 333-9053 to schedule a follow-up appointment. If this is a new case, please complete a new intake form.

Please Note: some users have reported experiencing issues when using Chrome to submit the intake form. We recommend using Internet Explorer or Firefox when submitting your information.

  1. Submit an online intake form.
  2. Schedule your appointment online after submitting your intake form.
  3. Please email a scan or digital file of any documentation relating to your case, such as a traffic ticket, copy of lease, etc., to
  4. We are unable to offer same-day appointments.

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