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Campus Resources Parents Should Know

College is an incredibly exciting and sometimes challenging experience. It is almost certain that students will encounter some obstacles during their time at university. One of the most essential skills students need to navigate these challenges is the ability to recognize when they need help and to seek it. We hope you will partner with us to help your student to:

  • Develop the skills they need to communicate appropriately with professors and staff when they encounter difficulty
  • Proactively advocate for themselves rather than waiting until a problem has evolved into what feels like an academic or personal crisis and
  • Familiarize themselves with some key campus resources

It is important for parents and students to understand that while colleges and universities strive to offer support services for the purpose of helping students achieve their academic goals, there are limits to what the university can provide. The wrap around support and coordination of care that some students received in high school and may need to be academically successful in college are not routinely offered by universities, particularly large decentralized campuses like Illinois. Families may need to consider employing a personal assistant or success coach for students who have not yet acquired basic life skills and/or are continuing to develop the organizational skills and level of personal responsibility required to function independently in the college setting. And it should also be noted that while there are health and mental health services available on campus, they are intended to provide ambulatory and primarily short-term care; most universities are not equipped to provide intensive care for chronic, and/or severe health issues. Therefore, it may be important for you and your student to contact these units before your child enrolls to discuss whether they can provide the type, level or scope of care your student needs.

Although not an exhaustive list, the list below includes resources that many students will likely need at some point in their college career. We hope you find it useful!

General Support Services
Office of the Registrar

Implements academic policies related to registration, enrollment and degree verification, grade processing, assessment of tuition and fees, and printing of academic transcripts and diplomas.

University Housing

Manages facilities, contracts, and programing in University owned residence halls and apartments. Professional (Resident Directors) and student staff (Resident Assistants) foster community, provide support to residents, and help connect them to University resources.

Office for Student Conflict Resolution

Provides adjudication, mediation and referral services to promote the effective resolution of conflict at the University. Manages the investigation and sanctioning process related to violations of the Student Code of Conduct.

University of Illinois Police Department

Enforces laws and maintains the safety of the campus and surrounding areas.

Office of the Dean of Students – Student Assistance Center

Educates about campus policies and procedures; helps connect students to campus resources, provides support to students in crisis and consultations about students of concern.

Health Related Services
McKinley Health Center

Provides ambulatory medical care, health education, counseling services and psychiatry to students.

Counseling Center

Offers time-limited individual, couples, and group counseling, mental health consultations and referrals for longer term care to students.

Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES)

Offers longer term counseling services and case management support for registered students with documented disabilities (visible and invisible) and chronic health conditions.

Sexual Assault Support Services
Women’s Resources Center

Offers confidential supportive counseling, advocacy and referral services related to sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, and relationship abuse and/or violence.

At Illinois WE CARE

A comprehensive website containing information about sexual misconduct support, response and prevention at the University of Illinois.

Rape, Advocacy, Counseling & Education Services (RACES)

A community based rape crisis center which provides free, confidential services to anyone affected by sexual assault, abuse or harassment. Services include a 24 hour Rape Crisis Hotline (217) 384-4444.

Academic Support
College Offices

Degree seeking students are admitted to one of the 16 Colleges and Schools at the University of Illinois. The Colleges establish academic policies, procedures and guidelines for their students and offer some academic advising, consultation and support.

Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES)

Provides academic accommodations, academic support and coaching to registered students with documented disabilities (visible and invisible) and chronic health conditions.