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Common Reasons for Contacting the SAC

Academic Policies and Procedures


Effective summer 2015, the Office of the Dean of Students Absence Letter Policy will change. You can review some of the key changes now. To learn more about this new policy, refer to the Absence Letter Policy Changes text box on the Student Assistance Center homepage. We encourage you to become familiar with these changes so that you are prepared to manage any future absences from class.

Class Cancellation

The cancellation of classes can only occur if the student completes/submits a Withdrawal/Cancellation Form by 5 pm of the last business day before the first day of instruction for the term. All tuition and fee charges will be cancelled assuming that no services were used. By cancelling registration, you lose access to all services that would normally have been covered by student fees.

Registration Cancellation

Any undergraduate student who needs to cancel registration for the term needs to complete the Withdrawal/Cancellation Form (pdf). Your college office and the Office of the Dean of Student must sign the form (and the International Students and Scholars Services if an international student). Graduate students must complete the Withdrawal/Cancellation Form (pdf) and have your college and the Graduate College sign the form (and the International Students and Scholars Services if you are an international student).

Get more information about Canceling Your Registration.


There are some University offices that are authorized to place holds on student records. The hold may prevent you from registering, adding/dropping classes, receiving transcripts, receiving grades or processing graduation requirements. You may view a description and reason for each hold, as well as instructions on how to remove the hold, on the View Holds page of UI2 Self-Service. Students must contact the respective office for encumbrance removal.

Please Note: Failure to address certain holds before 5 pm on the first day of class may mean losing your academic class schedule.

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For Hold removal, contact the appropriate office below depending on the type of hold on your account:

Incomplete (I) Grades

If a student does not feel that he/she can complete a course by the end of the semester due to illness, family emergency, or some sort of issue beyond their control, the student should first talk with their college* about being assigned an Incomplete ("I") grade.

The Dean on Duty can assist the student by explaining the process and possibly providing an absence letter or letter of justification if there are extenuating circumstances to support the assignment of an Incomplete grade. If the assignment of an "I" is granted, the student should work with their college to determine when the coursework will be completed in order to receive a regular letter-grade.

* Please Note: Undergraduate students must receive permission from their college, not the instructor, in order to receive an Incomplete grade for a course.


A withdrawal must occur if the cancellation deadline has passed and if the student has accessed any University services. The amount of refund depends on the withdrawal dates (see specific rates). By withdrawing, you may be able to receive certain refundable fees. You still have access to McKinley Health Center and the Counseling Center services. Since these fees are not refundable, students can still have access to these services even if they have withdrawn for the term.

How do I withdraw?
  1. The withdrawal process is initiated in the college office. The college dean will determine if there are any conditions placed on the student's return to the University. A withdrawal/cancellation form (pdf) must be completed.
  2. International Students must then go to the International Students and Scholar Services located on the 4th floor of the Student Services Building.
  3. If an undergraduate student, you must then go to the Office of the Dean of Students located on the 3rd floor of the Student Services Building and complete additional requirements. If you are a graduate student, you must obtain a signature from the Graduate College.
  4. Once the withdrawal/cancellation form is complete it is then turned in to the Office of the Registrar.
Involuntary Withdrawal

A student who is deemed as unable to function by a mental health practitioner at McKinley can be withdrawn involuntarily from the University.

For more information, refer to the Student Code, Section 2-104.

Retroactive Withdrawal

If a student wishes to withdraw from a class or semester after the final examinations and/or grade submission, they must file a petition within their respective college, provide proper documentation, and follow corresponding procedures. Students who drop below full-time (12 hours) need permission from a college dean. For more information, please contact your College.

Unofficial Withdrawal

Students who stop attending classes without following the appropriate withdrawal process will be placed under an "unofficial withdrawal" by the Office of Student and Financial Aid (OSFA). Students who do not pass at least one class each semester will be identified by OSFA and their respective academic departments to identify the last day of attendance. This information will then be used to assess the return of refunds calculation.

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Verification of Education/Student Disciplinary Form

Thinking about transferring to another University, applying for a graduate program, or looking for a job? Most universities and employers require verification of your educational record that included dates of attendance, academic standing, disciplinary history, and awarded degree. The Office of the Dean of Students provides this verification. In order for us to assist you, please do the following:

  1. Complete the Authorization to Release Information Form (pdf).
  2. Complete your section of the form that you need completed by us.
  3. Turn in the completed/signed Authorization to Release Information Form and other forms that you need us to complete.
  4. While not required, it is helpful for you to provide self-addressed stamped envelopes for where you need the form(s) mailed.

Please Note: Allow four weeks for the Office of the Dean of Students to complete the forms. Neither completed forms nor copies will be returned to the student. For questions, please contact our office at (217) 333-0050.