Archived Document Subletting your apartment

SUGGESTIONS FOR SUBLETTING (or ... why you should start thinking like a landlord).

  1. Put the sublease agreement in writing and make sure the landlord has granted permission to sublet the unit.
  2. Make sure you obtain a damage deposit from the subtenants.
  3. Never leave any utilities including telephone, water, lights, cable, etc. in your name for the subtenants to pay and use. Don't buy any sob stories about transfer/deposit charges.
  4. Know the financial history of your subtenants.
  5. Obtain a local and a "home" address on your subtenant in case you have to sue them for rent or damages.
  6. Walk through your apartment with the landlord before you move out to verify any damage, then do the same with the subtenant and again before the subtenant vacates in August.
  7. Remember you will be greatly discounting rent and therefore you are taking a big risk of damages to your unit because subtenants who pay bargain basement prices tend not to value the property.
  8. You remain liable for unpaid rents and subtenant damages. Yes, you can sue the subtenant for reimbursement but this is a cumbersome process so be careful before you enter into the role of being a landlord.