Spring Break

Every year students find themselves in precarious positions while on spring break and very far from home. Asking more questions before you sign up for that great deal will lessen the risk that your vacation of a lifetime turns into the vacation from hell.

These are guidelines that we suggest you look into for the trip you are planning. All of these have come from cases brought into this office by students after their vacation. We hope that the prior experiences of those who have gone before you will make your spring break a happy one.

Watch Out for the Following:

  • The package trip lists a post office box as the headquarters of the agency. They may not want to be found afterwards.
  • The price is TOO GOOD for it to be true. Look for the hidden extra costs.
  • Lodging is stated as being "near the ocean." "Near" is a relative term and may mean miles from.
  • Very inexpensive housing. The price may not include the "security deposit" which you only discover when you have checked in and had not brought extra monery for. Bottom line-- you either go hungry or homeless. Also the "deposit" is rarely returned.
  • Advertisements that promise you cash or a free vacation as incentive for signing a residential lease. Trust us, you will pay for that incentive in higher rental payments.
  • Means of transportation. Find out exactly how and when you will arrive at your paradise and get this in writing. Oral agreements and promises do not mean anything. A bus to Florida can take you to Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio... before heading south.
  • Find out the exact number of persons that will be housed in your particular lodging. Get this in writing.
  • Beware of the student travel representative working on commission or in exchange for a vacation themselves. Rarely do these people really know anything about the company that you are going to do business with.

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