General Information


All students who are:

  1. enrolled in at least 6 semester hours or 1.5 graduate units for the current semester at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and
  2. who have paid the Service Fee are eligible to use Student Legal Service.


  • The purpose of the Student Legal Service is to inform students of practical aspects of the law as applied to their individual problem. In addition, in-court representation is available in many cases.
  • Priority is given to matters for which a student would be financially unable to retain an attorney. This is determined by income guidelines established by the Student Legal Service Plan. It is believed that a majority of the students will qualify for individual representation under those guidelines. Income guidelines do not apply to landlord/tenant cases.

Location and Hours

  • Location: 324 Illini Union (third floor, North Wing)
  • Phone: 217-333-9053
  • Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-noon and 1:00-4:30 p.m. Office is closed Saturdays, Sundays, and University holidays.
  • Parking: It is difficult to find parking spaces near the Illini Union. Check out the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District bus schedules for easier access.

How to Use the Service

  • Go to the link “Schedule an Appointment/Online Intake Forms” in the left column of this page.
  • Log in with your netID and password.
  • Select the Online Intake Form that fits your issue, or fill in the “General” intake form if none apply. After you click “submit” you will leave that page if the form is accepted. If it does not leave that page, one or more required fields have not been filled in. Scroll up to see where the red bars are.
  • After your reach the “Thank You” page:
    • Bring your i-card and any documentation (ticket, lease, correspondence, etc.).
  • In the SLS Office, present your i-card and documentation; you will select an available appointment day and time from the whiteboard to come back and meet with an attorney.
  • SLS does NOT do walk-in or same-day appointments.

If you have a legal problem or anticipate one, give it your early attention. Don’t wait until the day before you are to appear in court to come to Student Legal Service!

NO LEGAL ADVICE IS GIVEN OVER THE TELEPHONE OR THROUGH EMAIL. This policy is for the protection of your privacy.

No Legal Advice Given Over the Telephone

Business may not be conducted with an unknown party. This policy is for the protection of your privacy.


The staff of the Student Legal Service consists of three full-time attorneys and one full-time office support person. There may be one or more part-time law student interns from the University's College of Law who work under the supervision of the attorneys.

Attorneys and Their Clients

In discharging their responsibilities at the Student Legal Service, the staff attorneys are subject to professional ethics. The following policies are in accordance with those professional ethical responsibilities.


An attorney is sworn to preserve the confidence of a client. This rule applies equally to those persons that work with the attorney. Information concerning your case or contents of your file will never be released to third parties without your written authorization. There are no exceptions without a court order. You should feel free to discuss openly, honestly, and candidly on all aspects of your problem which you feel may have bearing on the outcomes.

Zealous Representation

The attorney assigned to your case is obligated to zealously represent your interests within the bounds of the law. The attorneys at Student Legal Service will at all time exercise independent, professional judgment in assessing the merits of a particular matter and in determining whether legal service will be given to an eligible student in that matter.

Available Services

  • Housing/Tenant issues, problems with owner/manager/Landlord
  • Traffic tickets
  • Auto Accidents and insurance problems
  • Misdemeanor charges
  • City ordinance violations
  • Certification of photocopies of documents
  • Consumer Issues
  • Small claims
  • Power of Attorney documents for financial matters for Study Abroad students, or for medical matters
  • Name changes
  • Notary services
  • Other miscellaneous problems/issues

Excluded Services

  • Student vs. student – we cannot advise either side of a disagreement
  • Bankruptcy
  • Business issues, profit or non-profit, start-up, eligibility under F1 or J1 visa
  • Claims against or issues with the University of Illinois (except advising on Student Discipline Hearings) or the State of Illinois
  • Contingent Fee Matters, for example Personal Injury claim
  • Courtroom representation outside of Champaign County
  • Divorce, Separation, Custody, Child Support, Order of Protection
  • Income-Producing Activities
  • Felony criminal charges
  • Passport, Visa, Immigration Issues, including green cards, changing visa status, employment on F1 or J1, or other visa, etc.
  • Real Estate (other than Landlord/Tenant where the Landlord is NOT the student)
  • Tax or Income Tax issues, except to do certifications of passport pages to obtain ITIN
  • Wills or Trusts

Spring Break

For legal advice on planning a Spring Break trip, visit our Spring Break web page.