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YOU WILL NOT BE DEPORTED for questioning or objecting to deductions from your security/damage deposit! If you do not agree with deductions:

  1. Go to Schedule an Appointment/Online Intake Forms.
  2. Fill out and submit the intake form, "Housing or Damage Deposit".
  3. E-mail or bring in your lease, the mailing from the landlord, move-in and move-out lists, pictures, etc.
  4. Come in to the SLS offices to select an appointment on a different day to meet with an SLS attorney.

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Please read the following before sending e-mail.

Our e-mail address is:

Student Legal Service will not give legal advice over the internet, phone, or e-mail!

Your legal problem may be subject to a time limit. You should not procrastinate in seeking advice from an attorney.

Only U of I students who are enrolled for the current semester (including summer) and have paid the Change to Service Fee are allowed to use this service. For an appointment, you must come into the office personally, even if you filled out an online intake form. You will need an appointment to speak to one of the attorneys. Appointments are generally for the next business day; expect a longer wait at the beginning or end of a semester.

We will not respond to any e-mail unless you state in your e-mail that you are a student. We cannot answer legal questions over e-mail. All other questions will be answered as soon as possible, usually 1 - 3 days. If you need legal advice and are not a student, you should check the yellow pages of your local phone directory for attorney listings.

Appropriate subjects for e-mail are procedural questions concerning the office or services, and comments concerning the web pages.

Send email

If you ask for legal advice in your e-mail, it will be disregarded and deleted, and you will not receive a reply.