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YOU WILL NOT BE DEPORTED for questioning or objecting to deductions from your security/damage deposit! If you do not agree with deductions:

  1. Go to Schedule an Appointment/Online Intake Forms.
  2. Fill out and submit the intake form, "Housing or Damage Deposit".
  3. E-mail or bring in your lease, the mailing from the landlord, move-in and move-out lists, pictures, etc.
  4. Come in to the SLS offices to select an appointment on a different day to meet with an SLS attorney.


Preventive legal education is a major mission of the Student Legal Service Program at the University of Illinois.

Each year staff attorneys speak at educational forums in fraternities and sororities, in residence halls, and for student organizations on campus.  Typical topics include:

-   Alcohol Rules on Campus
-   City Ordinance Violation (drinking) tickets
-   Search and Seizure
-   Traffic laws
-   Consumer Rights
-   Drunk Driving/DUI
-   Criminal Law
-   Tenant Rights

If your group has a topic of particular interest, please tell us when you contact our office.  It is advisable to arrange for educational programs early in the semester but not necessary.  Attorneys are available to speak throughout each semester.

To arrange for an attorney to speak, please submit your request to our office from your email account to  Please include the following information:

  • at least two dates of chapter meetings or other dates, Including time of the meeting,
  • whether there will be ability to show portions of a DVD during the talk, or
  • whether there will be a projector or other means to use a PowerPoint during the talk,
  • how much time is allotted for the attorney to speak,
  • approximate number of members you expect to attend,
  • location of the meeting, and
  • where parking will be provided for the attorney/speaker if the event is at a Greek house.


If you have any questions, please call 217-333-9053 or email

Have a safe and educational semester.

Very truly yours,


Thomas E. Betz
Directing Attorney, Student Legal Service

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