ODOS / Campus Safety

Campus Safety

At Illinois, our foremost goal is to provide our students, faculty, staff, and visitors with a safe, secure environment. Establishing and maintaining a safe campus community is a responsibility we must all take seriously and in the spirit of working together. While not comprehensive, this page offers important information about campus and community resources that can enhance your personal safety and the safety of our campus community.

Campus Safety Commission

The Office of the Dean of Studentsí Campus Safety Commission (CSC) was created in the spring of 2013 to expand, coordinate, and sustain efforts to reach students and the larger campus community regarding campus safety issues. The Commissionís charge is to develop marketing and outreach campaigns to encourage the student population, both on and off campus, to make safe, low risk decisions that improve their personal safety and the overall safety of our campus.

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I-Watch Program

I-Watch is a campus wide, community watch program. The I-Watch program was derived from the national "Neighborhood Watch" movement and adapted to proactively engage students, faculty, and staff members. The primary goal of the I-Watch program is to reduce crime and increase safety throughout the campus district.

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