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We recognize that it can sometimes be difficult to support students in your class, particularly when you have several hundred students per section! However, sometimes all it takes is a small effort, and including information about support in your syllabus is one way to do this. Below we have included some syllabus language that outlines support resources on campus, and encourages students to refer others or themselves when they notice behavior that worries them. We would appreciate if you consider using this language in your syllabus, and when communicating with students about your expectations for the classroom setting. Please help us promote a caring campus community by providing critical information and resources to your students.

Support resources and supporting fellow students in distress

As members of the Illinois community, we each have a responsibility to express care and concern for one another. If you come across a classmate whose behavior concerns you, whether in regards to their well-being or yours, we encourage you to refer this behavior to the Student Assistance Center (333-0050) or online at Based upon your report, staff in the Student Assistance Center reaches out to students to make sure they have the support they need to be healthy and safe.

Further, we understand the impact that struggles with mental health can have on your experience at Illinois; significant stress, strained relationships, anxiety, excessive worry, alcohol/drug problems, a loss of motivation, or problems with eating and/or sleeping can all interfere with optimal academic performance. We encourage all students to reach out to talk with someone, and want to make sure you are aware that you can access mental health support at the Counseling Center ( or McKinley Health Center ( For mental health emergencies, you can call 911 or walk-in to the Counseling Center, no appointment needed.

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