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Know Your Rights

Champaign Neighborhood Services

From their website: The Neighborhood Services Department is responsible for many issues that affect individuals and their homes, neighborhoods, and the larger community of Champaign. There are three divisions that each have differing responsibilities:
Neighborhood Coordination is charged with the organization and support of neighborhood groups.

Neighborhood Programs monitors and disseminates funding to rehabilitate housing and support local social services.

Code Compliance identifies and works to correct code issues on properties throughout the City.
To request a Tenant Inspection – please click here.
Some helpful brochures and resources from this division can be found here.

Urbana Community Development Services

The Community Development Services department strives to maintain and improve the quality of life for Urbana citizens by providing programs of economic development, housing, planning, zoning enforcement, and building safety code enforcement. There are four division with unique responsibilities:

  • Building Safety: The Building Safety Division ensures that new construction and remodeling is constructed in accordance with current building standards and enforces property maintenance code regulations in relation to health and life safety issues.
  • Economic Development: The Economic Development Division actively promotes the growth and development of the City of Urbana.
  • Grants Management: The Grants Division manages federal and state grant programs.
  • Planning: The Planning Division manages neighbor and community planning, zoning, and land development codes for the City of Urbana.

Urbana Landlord-Tenant Ordinance

If you rent an apartment, house or room located in the City of Urbana, you have certain rights and obligations provided under Chapter 12.5 of the Urbana City Code: LANDLORD-TENANT RIGHTS, DUTIES, AND REMEDIES. This law applies only if you live within the corporate limits of Urbana. If you rent outside Urbana city limits or in Champaign, Savoy or anywhere else in Illinois, this law does not apply to your rental situation. These ordinances include privacy and access, prohibited lease clauses, security deposit refund and interest, remedies for dealing with code violations, and certain requirements affecting oral leases, abandonment, eviction and late fees, and other charges.

Please click here for a full text view of the law.
Please click here for the Tenant Union’s helpful explanations of these laws.
Urbana Owner/Landlord Responsibilities – Excerpts from Maintenance Code
Urbana Tenant Responsibilities – Excerpts from Maintenance Code

Rental Registration & Occupancy and Zoning

Urbana requires registration and code inspection of all residential rental properties; more info here.

No more than four unrelated persons may occupy a dwelling unit. If you are renting a unit with more than three unrelated roommates, you may need to move. Please consult with the Tenant Union – this is also referenced on their site here.


The drinking age in Urbana & Champaign is 21. Laws against underage drinking, whether at a bar, restaurant, or party are strictly enforced. Selling alcohol without a license is illegal. Selling cups or charging a cover at a party where alcohol is served is strictly prohibited. Carrying open containers of alcohol in public is also illegal.

Fire Safety

No Indoor Furniture on Outside Porches in both Urbana & Champaign.
After a 2010 house fire caused the death of a young woman, Urbana joined Champaign and other cities in banning the use of indoor upholstered furniture on porches. Porch fires from smoldering cigarettes on such furniture quickly get out of control before indoor smoke alarms can warn residents.


Residential neighborhoods are quiet. By ordinance, noise may not be heard beyond the property limits of your home. This means that large parties with loud music will likely result in a visit from police and a warning or citation. Please be considerate of your neighbors. If you are bothered by unreasonable noise, please call the Urbana Police at 217-384-2320 or Champaign Police at 217-351-4545.

Champaign Violations of the City Code – Discusses consequences and fines of City Violations

The Tenant Union also has some helpful information on the topic of noise related to neighbors, roommates, and tenant-landlord relationships. Click here to learn more here.