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I-Watch Campus Safety Program

I-Watch is a campus safety initiative that is organized to bring a community of people (i.e. a group of neighbors, residence hall community, department staff, etc.) and the police department together to prevent and report crime within the campus community.

The I-Watch Campus Safety Program has three components.

  1. I-Watch: Campus Safety Workshop
  2. I-Watch: Train the Trainer Workshop
  3. I-Watch: Campus Safety Certificate

The descriptions of these workshops along with the process to receive campus safety certification can be found below.

I-Watch: Campus Safety Workshop

The I-Watch Campus Safety Workshop is a campus wide, community watch program. The I-Watch workshops educate the students, faculty, and staff members about crime reduction and safety strategies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The primary goal of this program is to reduce crime and increase safety throughout the campus district. I-Watch will fulfill its purpose by creating sustainable campus involvement through (a) crime prevention training, (b) safety education and outreach, and (c) by promoting crime reporting.

I-Watch: Train the Trainer Workshop

The Train the Trainer workshops exist to assist participants to learn how to teach the information presented in the I-Watch: Campus Safety Workshop to other students, faculty, and staff members. After completing the workshop, new trainers will begin hosting workshops set up through CCSS.

Ideal candidates for this workshop are University of Illinois student leaders, faculty, and staff members. Student leaders include, but are not limited to, resident advisors, executive members of registered student organizations, fraternity and sorority members, and other paraprofessional student employees on campus.

What do the I-Watch workshops include?

  • The I-Watch Workshops are 45 minute long interactive student learning experiences.
  • I-Watch participants learn to:
    • Observe crime and identify suspicious activity
    • Distinguish between behavior-based and bias-based suspicion
    • Provide systematic descriptions of people, weapons, and vehicles
  • The Train the Trainer Workshop reviews the learning outcomes of the I-Watch: Campus Safety Workshop and teaches participants how to effectively present the Campus Safety Workshop material
  • The Train the Trainer workshop teaches participants basic facilitation skills.

I-Watch Campus Safety Certificate

The I-Watch Campus Safety Certificate process is flexible and designed to further improve your campus safety knowledge. As Campus Safety Peer Educators, you will benefit long-term developing skills that can be applied to various situations both on and off campus.

Certificate Requirements

To obtain the I-Watch Campus Safety Certification you must complete the activities below.

  1. Complete the I-Watch Campus Safety Certificate Application
  2. Complete the I-Watch Pre-Quiz
  3. Attend the two required workshops:
    1. The I-Watch Campus Safety Workshop
    2. Train the Trainer Training Workshop
  4. Confirm a time to practice the I-Watch Campus Safety workshop with Community Liaisons (Optional)
  5. Facilitate one I-Watch Campus Safety Workshop to students (Mandatory). Set up a time/day to present.
  6. Complete the I-Watch Post-Quiz with a passing score
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