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Deciding on Housing

Considering Apartment Life?

College is usually the first time students live away from their families and begin the process of becoming a responsible adult and good citizen. There are many advantages of living on campus and studies have found that students who live on campus are more engaged and more likely to be successful students. Each individual must evaluate the pros and cons of living independently within or beyond the Campus District.

University Housing

University Housing offers students 23 different residence halls, and 3 apartment choices as well as 2 residence hall options within Graduate and Family housing. These options offer a range of architectural and geographical living options. More than 9,000 students each year choose University Housing as their home for the Illinois experience. University Housing boasts Great Locations, Convenient Amenities, Distinctive Dining, Better Grades, Supportive Staff, Easy Contracts, Rich Community, and Affordable Rates as reasons to consider choosing to live with them. Be sure to check out their website for more info.

Private Certified

Private Certified Housing offers students 16 facility choices, including 8 co-ed facilities, 3 all-female, and 5 all-male facilities, which are certified by the University of Illinois for all students, including freshmen. These facilities are part of the University's housing program. They offer an array of comfortable and attractive living accommodations in a wide range of prices and sizes. Be sure to check out their website to see if this is the correct option for you.